Services & Availability

As an Intuitive Healing Guide and Educational Kinesiologist, I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach that incorporates the language of the body with fast effective techniques designed to bring every aspect of the mind/body system into balance.

In-Person Sessions
Monday & Thursday in Lumberton, Tx
Tuesday in Jasper/Newton, Tx


Online Sessions

Wednesday Only

Individual Transformational 1:1 Session  $125

During one on one sessions, the focus is on the individual's intention to make a positive dynamic change in his/her life. Using guided movement and targeted self-awareness, we create the opportunity to replace old patterns of behavior with new confident choices.


Couples Communication Session   $200

By incorporating the needs and expectations of both participants, each session will encourage listening, stimulate communication and nurture the ability to be fully present in any relationship.


Foundations of Healing 8 Week Experience   $997

What would it look like when you move with ease through stress, can be present and focused under pressure, feel grounded & emotionally stable in crisis, and full of energy when surrounded by negativity?


Brain Gym Courses and Workshops 

Whether as an in-service or workshop, training is tailored to your specific needs. Attendees are given resources and tools that allow them to foster healthy change in themselves and others.

Let's Work Together

"I’m so excited about this. It has made my life so much better since I came to see you one time."  ~Jackie

"Thank you🙏🏻 Your technique helped me to find my inner peace."  ~Regina

" LITERALLY, in one session, she helped me deal with some things... Leslie worked with me, dug around in my soul, and helped me understand that past issues were causing (my problems)"   ~Kris