Bridging the Gap between the Mind & Body

 As an Educational Kinesiologist and Intuitive Healing Guide, my purpose is to help those who’ve fallen through the cracks of conventional medicine learn to listen to and trust the innate intelligence of their body. Through my own journey, I understand the frustration of following the traditional path and finding yourself at the end with more questions (and pain) than answers – feeling frustrated and let down by the people you trust.

Together, we will discover what techniques are needed to bring your

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic body into Balance.

Why nothing has stuck 

There's a reason that you've been struggling all these years - Never able to find a therapy or modality with results that really



It's because you are a very complex being whose body has an innate intelligence that knows


to be Happy, Healthy, and Full of Life!


Not that long ago, I was like you. Now, my mission is to share what I've learned.  Often, traditional providers don't understand the need to treat the mind, body, and spirit as a single cohesive entity. 


I See You

How long have you struggled to find something - JUST ONE THING - that really made you feel better?


You've been to Doctors, Therapists, Alternative Practitioners with little lasting relief.

Do you find yourself...


• Jumping from one project or job to another 

• Falling from one relationship into another 

• Always being there for others even when it costs you so much   

• Saying "I'm fine - It's nothing"

• In pain so often that you forget what it felt like "before"  

• Hiding your feelings of anxiety /depression

Have you ever thought "If only I could learn to...

• Meditate  • Do Yoga  • Exercise  • Use Essential Oils  • Journal

then everything will be better."

How Many Times Have You Thought

-Just Get Over It-

Now You Finally Can

You're A Survivor

Feel like you're doing everything you can just to keep your head above water? 

Juggling work, home, family and friends leaves you no time for the most important thing in your life...YOU.

Are you lying in bed for hours with your mind racing or waking up feeling like you got hit by a bus...never really truly resting?

Every little thing feels like the end of the world.    Or maybe, you don't feel anything at all.

You feel your mind and body has shut down.

It's what happens when your life is filled with too much stress, trauma, or pain.  

You're in Survival Mode.

It's OK. And it's temporary. I can show you fast effective tools to bring balance back to your LIFE.

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You're a Master of the Dance

How many people get to see the REAL you?

The one who breaks down when no one is around, or who looks at her family and just wants to run away.

You've gotten so good at putting on a

"Happy Face" that they don't realize you feel lost, empty and lonely...all the time. 

What would they say or think if they knew how bad it really is?


Who Cares?!

It's time to stop pretending to be what they want... to do and say the things that make YOU feel good.

The Knowledge is Within You

Have you heard the term "gut instinct"?

It's that feeling that you just know something. Sometimes it's a heavy tension as soon as you walk in a room or sensing who's calling when your phone rings.

In reality, that's Intuition not Instinct.

An Instinct is hardwired into your system...a primal biological need.

Because of this, you already subconsciously know exactly what will help you - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Energetically...

It's Your Healing Instinct.



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My Wholehearted Commitment

   I had always had chronic anxiety, bouts of depression, and would do what I thought was expected of me just to avoid confrontations. I was overly sensitive to the emotions of the people around me and it shaped who I became.

I lost myself...


 For years, I felt like a shell of the person I should be. My health was compromised, my emotions were all over the place and my mind was scattered and blank. A few years ago, I learned that my emotions affected my body - which in turn determined my state of mind.

WHAT?! It's all connected? 


 When I understood that, my life changed. My chronic anxiety is gone, my health is on the mend and my thoughts and emotions are MINE.

That is what I want for you.


My Mission, My Passion, and My Purpose is to share the knowledge and techniques that I used to help you change your own life.  YOU CAN DO IT.                                                                                                        Leslie 


P.S. The top pic is me at my lowest with my fake smile and sadness behind my eyes and then me now...5 yrs later with a very real smile and eyes that say I KNOW WHO I AM.


“I am a skeptical person by nature.  After just one session, I have noticed remarkable progress toward the goal that I set for myself. I'm sold!”

Misty Gipson